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Check Out Stunning Pictures Of 24-Year-Old Nyakim Gatwech Who Is Making Waves With Her Dark Skin

Nyakim Gatwech is a Sudanese African American model with a very Dark Complexion.

She was bullied countless times because of her skin Complexion and that pushed her to bleach her skin but with her sister's words of encouragement, she Withdraw and removed her mind from bleaching. According to her sisters words of encouragement, “She is not just bleaching herself but she is also Bleaching her mind."

She was even nicknamed the Queen of the Dark and Guess what, she accepted it because ‘black isn't a Colour of sickness, sadness, death or even evil.’

“The most satisfying feeling is when you are Comfortable in your own skin complexion and when You accept you are dark, dark melanin."

She was bullied just like the way some of us get Bullied because of the way we look.

She has been recognised as the world most Darkest model and she hails from Sudan but lives in Minneapolis Minnesota.

She has been the voice of the voiceless ladies out There as she always encourage them to love themselves just the way they are rightly created.

Black is gold, black is beautiful, black is bold, being Black is not a sickness or death.

All these and more has been her words of encouragement to those out there that wants to engage themselves in a bleaching competition because of their precious dark skin.

Accepting yourself the way you are is the first step Against the world.

Just take a look at her now, she's doing absolutely well in the model and fashion world.

Dear you, either black or chocolate, light or dark skinned, you are perfect just the way you are.

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