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Meet Tribe With Most Beautiful Women in Africa, They Don't Bath Because Of What Will Happen to Them

There is a tribe from Angola which have the most beautiful village women in Africa according to tourists. The Himba tribe are the indigenous people of Namibia and Kunen, they live on the northern side of the country, and on the other side of the Kunene in southern Angola too. They have approximately 50,000 people in the village.

In this tribe, there are some other groups still residing in the village who are regarded as OvaTwa groups, they are called hunter-gatherers as well as OvaHimba.

The Himba Community speaks in Otjihimba language known as the Bantu dialect of Herero. Although English is the official language of Namibia but the Himba rarely speak in English, only small amount of English is used in their Omuhongan schools.

Both men and women from this tribe love wearing their traditional dresses. Men usually wear clothes and footwear sandals, they also wear with foot soles often found in old car tyres, because men and boys tend to lead cattles in the bushes all day long. However, the woman roam about the village with skirts made from goat skin.

They are most famous for their wives' natural beauty, attracting numerous tourists and journalists who have praised their amazing beauty.

Despite the fact that they don't bath with water it hasn't stop them from maintaining their natural beauty. One of the reasons why the people of Himba do not bath with water is because they live in one of the most extreme surroundings on earth.

The harsh weather condition and the desert climate, coupled with the lack of clean water prevents them from a 'normal' water bath.

Meanwhile, their refusal to take a bath did not affect their personal hygiene. Members of the tribe use red ochers on the skin and take part in a daily smoke bath to maintain their beauty and good hygiene.

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