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Skin Care

A lady turned into a laughing stock after posting this picture, but people noticed something Strange

Some people still bleach their skin despite the damage it has caused. There are people who don't like the way God created them. There are people who want to change their skin from dark to light. People bleach for reasons only known to them. Bleaching has many disadvantages. A few of the disadvantages of bleaching is that it will change your skin from dark to light, and it can never be changed back to dark again. It's not reversible. 

A girl has become a laughingstock on social media after she posted her picture. People noticed something strange in her picture. This girl looks so beautiful. If you meet her on the road, you will be shocked by the beauty she possesses, but unfortunately, she bleaches her skin.

 You can see her face is white and if you look down at her legs, you see that her legs are black. That shows that she bleached her skin. She was not born white, but now she is white because she uses bleaching cream. Her skin does not match with her face, while her legs are black. What do you have to say to people who are bleaching their skin who doesn't like the way God created them, who wants to change their skin?

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