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Video: She Nearly Died; This Is Why You Should Cover Your Hair In The Kitchen

Hello lovely reader. You are warmly welcome to another interesting article which will by the end of it have a great impact on your life.

By the end of this write up, you will come to know why you should always cover your hair in the Kitchen.

A woman went to the kitchen to prepare food for her family without covering her hair. Though she was a great cook. But one thing that brought her down was the failure to cover her hair whilst in the kitchen.

When cooking in the kitchen, these are some of the reasons you should cover your hair.

1. Hair is very dangerous when it enters your body. It can cause a lot of sickness when you swallow it together with your food. If you don't cover your hair some parts of it can fall into the food without you seeing it.

2. Hair is very light and easily catches fire. Especially with the artificial hairs. It can catch fire on your head whilst working without your notice. This kind of incident happened to a woman in the video below and she nearly died.

You can watch and learn from it.

Always be careful in the kitchen. Tie your hair and be cautious.


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