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Skin Care

How To Treat Stretch Marks

You can't get rid of stretch marks entirely because they're a type of superficial scar. 

There are ways to help them look better, but no single treatment or product works for everyone; some products don't work at all.

Treatment must meet the following criteria to have a visible effect on the appearance of stretch marks:

Increase collagen and elastin production

Support fibroblast activity and blood circulation

Promote overall cell renewal in the affected area

Although no treatment can completely remove a stretch mark, those that meet the criteria can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks so that they are no longer visible.

Makeup (concealing):

Using makeup is one of the easiest and fastest options to hide stretch marks. Various products are available in the market that may help conceal stretch marks.

Creams, gels, or lotions:

There are many of these on the market, and manufacturers frequently claim that they can remove stretch marks.

However, it is unlikely that they will be able to prevent or remove stretch marks. When your stretch marks are still red or purple, you should use them. 

The best way is to use these over the skin before the marks start developing.


Massage the skin with a moisturizer or massage glove daily to help improve circulation to the area. This, in turn, promotes the growth of new tissue.

Topical creams:

Ceramide, almond oil, grape polyphenol, vitamin E topical cream, topical-containing hyaluronic acid, or tretinoin is effective in treating stretch marks although longer treatment times may be required.

To help resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, you can try prescription retinoid creams or over-the-counter retinol.


It is a painless procedure to reduce the visibility of stretch marks. This procedure works by stimulating the skin's collagen and elastin fiber to tighten the upper layer of the skin.

Tiny exfoliating crystals are sprayed onto the affected area, or a special tipped wand is rubbed over the area during the procedure. The crystals are gently removed with a wand-like device, bringing with them dead skin from the epidermis layer.

Microdermabrasion must be repeated over time to produce effective results. Your skin may feel tight and dry after the procedure.

There may be some redness due to exfoliation. It takes about 24 hours for your skin to heal.

Despite its effectiveness, this procedure cannot guarantee that stretch marks will be completely removed. Your results will be influenced by the severity of your stretch marks.


The dermis—the middle layer of your skin where stretch marks form—is targeted. Tiny needles are inserted into your skin during this procedure to stimulate collagen production.

Increased collagen and elastin promote skin regeneration, which can improve the appearance of your skin and reduce stretch marks. To effectively treat stretch marks, you will need to participate in multiple treatments over several months.

Microneedling is an effective treatment option for stretch mark reduction, particularly in people with darker skin

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