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Dress Style


Is This Fashion Or Madness? Check Out How Some People Have Taken Fashion To The Next Level

Nowadays, many people dress in whatever way they think is fashionable. However, some people consider their attire to be a 'distraction.' Many people nowadays dress in such a dreadful manner that you can mistake them for depressed individuals. People who admit to being fashionistas often ruin worn dresses in public without feeling bad about it. Taking all into consideration, they consider this type of attire to be fitting.

Others, especially women, dress half-naked, exposing large portions of their bodies without regard for what the general public would think of them. A few people have even gone so far as to cut off parts of their clothing that aren't even necessary. They do it because they believe it makes them look smart and interesting. A few people pierce their noses, ears, and even mouths too often.

Below are some of these dress style that we don't know if we should consider as fashion or madness.

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