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Designed Kente wears in its best For all Women

Africa ,very is rich in it's African clothings and special designs it exhibits in it's prints. From our old age, one of the items keeping our culture strong and very authentic is the display of our clothings . Everywhere we are identified our prints are marked.

It's also printed according to each and every tribe we have among ourselves . The Akans have names for their clothes like "Kente" for the word "Kenten" from the African dialect. This expresses a basket-like pattern cloth or other ethic group call it " Nwentoman ,a woven cloth.

With the Kente it's usually printed with gold signifying serenity or status, blue with humility, yellow with success, red with passion , black with remembering ancestors and etc.

Another is Adinkra called "Di nkra" meaning to take ones leave. This usually worn by Kings.

Kente is associated with the Ewes. They sometimes call it Ketè

See their prints in designed Kaba and Slit.

This usually worn by women.

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