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Skin Care

For Fever, Pimples, Eczema And Hair Growth, Use These Products From Neem Tree

Neem trees or plants are widely grown in India, but they can also be found in Ghana. Neem leaves or powder can be found online or in local grocery stores under the name Azadirachta Indica or Indian lilac. Although it has a bitter taste, it has many health benefits.

Simply chewing a fresh neem stem or bitter tasting leaves will help you destroy bacteria, plaque, and tartar that builds up in your teeth/gums, which are the root causes of bad breath. Neem also aids in the prevention of tooth decay, bleeding gums, throat dryness, broken lips, and the strengthening of teeth, gums, and the jaw.

Neem has the ability to heal our bodies naturally and can help us with a variety of ailments.

Neem Oil is beneficial for gum inflammation and cavity prevention.

Neem Face Mask. It is used to removes pimples and skin blemishes by acting as a natural acne treatment. It relieves skin itchiness, redness, and dryness.

Neem Twigs. Neem twigs are traditionally used to clean your teeth to avoid gum disease and to whiten your teeth naturally.

Neem Toothpaste – For healthy dental treatment, try my homemade all-natural Neem Toothpaste recipe.

Neem Powder or Paste may be used to care for your skin and hair. Neem powder improves the quality of hair and encourages hair development. Neem paste, on the other hand, is used as a hair conditioner.

Neem Leaf – by detoxifying the body, it can aid in the treatment of skin disorders. Eczema and skin infections are also treated with neem.

Burning old neem barks works as an insecticide.

Neem tea or concoction is ideal for boosting immunity and lowering fever.

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