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Top 10 african countries with most attractive women

African women,black skin women,dark skin women are the most beautiful women in the world,period!. Eye and personality-✔,good looking-✔,good wives-✔.

Today we have put together 10 countries with the most beautiful women. There are more countries on the content but this 10 are deserving.

At number 10 is Kenya

Kenyan women are gorgeous and have a good sense of fashion. They are dark as they come but if you're looking for smooth dark skin that glows;Kenyan women got it.

Women in Kenya are curvy but not to the extent where it's too good to be true. When it comes to personality,all Kenyan women aren't created anymore.

Most men are drawn towards the latter as they are outgoing,open minded and adventurous

At number 9 is Eswatini

The Kingdom of Eswatini might not look like much, but they have some of the most beautiful women in the game. What makes Eswatini women stand out gratefully is their traditional outfit.

Which almost every woman or girl wears with pride. And when you visit the Kingdom at the right time of the year, you walk in for a whole lot of surprises and beautiful culture experience.

Every thing about Eswatini women are beautiful. Falling in love here is guaranteed.

At number 8 is Tanzania

One of the many things that sets aside Tanzanian women from the rest is,they are cultured. They are very caring and once you fall in love, there is no going back.

Despite Tanzania being a highly conservative County, women here are exceptionally beautiful which gots to say beauty goes beyond fancy clothes.

Tanzanian women are very attractive and also gorgeous. They turn to give men like us sleepless nights with their beautiful smile and not to mention their red lips.

At number 7 is Nigeria

Nigerian women are very beautiful,curvy,charming and classic. They are very famous for being tall,dark and romantically appealing.

Women in the southern part of Nigeria are very classic. What maybe a problem is they love money. Yep you got a pay to play. Maintenance level for a nigerian girl is expensive.

Aside this tiny looks and the fact that you got to be ready to pay for all expenses,nigerian women are very adventurous and open minded. Also very family oriented.

Tell a nigerian girl "hey i wana meet your parents and friends" you just hit the nail on the head.

At number 6 is Cameroon

If you ever visited Yawende or Bermenda, you will understand when i say Cameroonian girls are the real deal.

They are beautiful and gorgeous beyond measure,friendly and adventurous. If you are a foreigner, you've got yourself a deal. Most Cameroonian girls will like to date a man from another country.

They tend to find their own men quite irresponsible and not future oriented. Girls from Cameroon don't like to be trolled with so beware. The level of commitment in Cameroon is very high.

At number 5 is Ghana

Walk the streets of ghana and you will be amazed at how curvy ghanaian women are. Ghanaian women are of average height and they come in all skin tones. Chocolate,dark,super dark and light skin.

Those around the Coast of the country are well cultured and adventurous. Ghanaian women are super friendly and outgoing. This is a point which is noted by anyone who has visited ghana before.

Dating a Ghanaian takes you into the orbit of even more friendly and sociable people. Because parties,weddings and even funerals are occasions to mingle.

At number 4 is South Africa

In 2019,Zozibini Tunzi was crown miss universe,a title that swings most of the times between the Philippines,Poetorico and US.

S.A women are so gorgeous that you can't help but appreciate the handy work of the creator. S.A women are among the hardest women on the continent.

They are good oriented and sincerely speaking,they have the most polite people you would ever meet.

At number 3 is Egypt

Egypt is an islamic country so the women here are covered from head to the bottom. But seeing an Egyptian dance is one hell of a sight.

The world says Egypt is the hub of african beauty but i bet to differ, because there are several countries in Africa that could easily match their looks but regardless, Egyptian women are gorgeous.

At number 2 is Ethiopia

Women from Ethiopia are very charming and gorgeous. I can't say this enough. If you have never seen an Ethiopian woman, then be ready to have your mind blown.

I'm definitely talking about physical looks. They have chocolate skin,soft and cute hair. Now here is a thing, if you are not even a jealous type of man maybe dating Ethiopian woman isn't for you.

Make no mistakes, she will get admired by whoever she comes across. Remember,Ethiopian women like to be complimented for anything.

They are courageous and brave. They always get what they want.

At number 1 is Somalia

All african girls are gorgeous in their own way. But Somali girls are just way over the top and we can't help it but to give them the number 1 spot on this list.

Obviously not because their better than the rest but that's simply because they have the most talked about women. Everyone knows for a fact that Somali girls are beautiful.

Somalia is an islamic country,that means most part of the body is covered but when you finally take a pic,you gonna have a shot to witness the work of art.

Somali girls love compliments but don't ever do it unless of course you wanna be a weirdo.

Now tell us which other african countries deserves to be on the list. Leave your comments below. Like and share as well.

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