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If You Are Tired Of Wearing Face Masks, This Is For You.

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People all over the world have been wearing face masks for about nine(9) months now, other countries have worn it longer than that. Face masks weren't originally part of humans lifestyle. It became a must for all humans to wear after the "Almighty Covid 19" invaded our land in 2019, and later became pandemic in 2020. The face mask was introduced to protect people from contracting the disease and also prevent people who have already been infected from passing it on to others since the disease is highly contagious.

To be honest, wearing a face mask is not a comfortable experience. It isn't nice to finish dressing, applying all your makeups and your lipstick, then "boom", there is your nose mask to cover your beauty. Or a gentleman finishes dressing up, wear a nice shirt with some nice footwear, comb or brush hair very nicely, and then "boom", you remember you have to wear a nose mask to cover your face and destroy your nicely combed or brushed hair.

We all are tired of wearing facemasks and it's understandable, after all we've been wearing it for quite a long time. But what can help and really motivate us, is to remember the reason why we started wearing nose masks in the first place.

We value our lives and the lives of our loved ones around us. We may survive if we contract the disease, because we probably have a very strong immune system, but our loved ones might not. Our parents, daughters, grand parents, sisters and brothers might not be strong enough as we are to fight the disease.

How would you feel if you contracted the disease because you got tired of wearing nose mask and stopped wearing, and infected someone you really love who couldn't survive the disease like you did, and dies because of you?

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Almighty Covid This Is For You


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