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Skin Care

Personal hygiene: If your inner thighs and armpits are dark, see easy ways you can lighten them up

Personal hygiene is very necessary for either genders as it promotes good social relationships between peers and family members. It also boost one’s confidence to be able to appear in public and take life changing career goals.

Dark armpits and thighs may not be appeasing to look and many people mostly women always wonder what they can do to clear them off and get an even skin color.

Lime and lemon are citrus fruits which are known for their excellent cleansing and bleaching properties which helps repel bad odors and dark spots caused by accumulated dirts and sweat.

Let us look a few remedies we can use in cleansing these dark spots from our skins and having that bright and even color. Mostly obese people are those who suffer from this condition since inner parts of their body contact one another frequently due to friction leaving dark spots.

1.About 2-3 ripe lime and lemon fruits can be used to solve this problem by scrubbing it on the effected area three times daily or twice daily before baths if you do not have much free time.

Shea butter can be applied to that area since it’s a natural moisturizer that will help speed up the process of the lime and lemon reaction.

2.Honey is also a very good cleansing agent that can be used to clear dark spots on our bodies when we notice any. Smear a teaspoon of honey on the affected area and curb it with a ripe lemon or cucumber to achieve the required results.

3.Turmeric powders are also a very good products that help the skin revitalize hence can also be used in cleaning dark spots by adding a few droplets of lime or lemon juice and scrubbing the affected area using orange peels with enough flesh rufage.

Avoid the constant use of roll on deodorants as they make the armpits look dark and try using natural ways to kill body odors.

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