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Top 3 Ghanaian Most Dashing Female Models: Indeed Black Is Beauty

A model is one who's employed to display clothes or other merchandises. However, they must be stunning with and without the products they are advertising. Ghana has a few models who are basically a beauty to behold. Here are the top 3 most dashing ;

3. Laurie Frimpong

She is a multitasking lady who embraces the challenge of doing her modelling business by herself. She negotiates her payments herself and in fact she is her own PR. Only a few beautiful and talented Ghanaian models have this self-independence of hers.

2. Antoinette Delali Kemavor

She won the beauty pageant in 2015 and was crowned Miss World Ghana. She tried again in 2016 to represent Ghana in the Miss World. She is just 25 years of age and has that record. That's impressive of her.

1. Victoria Micheals

This international award winning lady is a blend of both Ghana and Nigeria and the head of the VM Consult. Apart from being aa model, she is also and actress as well as a philanthropist. She has won a few awards like the Ghana Model Awards and so on.

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