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All the times Berla Mundi inspired us to rock African prints

Africa is a huge continent populated by over a billion people from 54 different nations, and many people from around the world today choose to buy African clothing, in fact, it’s more popular than ever. Many people in Africa today wear modern Western clothing, but traditional African dress is still common in especially in rural areas of Africa and for occasion wear at ceremonial gatherings.

Known for their bright, bold colours and intricate, beautiful designs African print are unique unlike any in the world. A number of people looking to buy African print clothing in recent years have been inspired by celebrities who have donned unique African prints on the red carpet to stand out and shine a light for this nation’s distinctive style.

In ghana, one of our very own beloved radio and tv personality who rocks African prints is Berla Mundi.

Don't only does Berla Mundi knows how to do her job to perfection, she rocks some of the beautiful African print outfits while at it.

Here are some of the times she rocked some beautiful African print outfits and inspired us to do same.

Content created and supplied by: Kojo_Charming (via Opera News )

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