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My body seriously got me thinking

Alots is on my mind right now. I seriously want to loose weight cause I'm not excited about how my body is really gaining weight each and everyday. I really want to slim down to fit in perfectly.

Just recentlyI decided to try on some clothes I bought not long ago but I wasn't able to fit into these dresses.So I decided to check how much weight I have gained to the extend that I couldn't fit into these dresses.i was really shocked to find out that severe eating of junk foods in less than two weeks has really increased my weight. I then decided decided to slim down but guess whatI will always keep on eating the junk foods and be imagining myself being I just couldn't stay away from junk foods it's as if it's now part of me. Until one dayWherever I go people called me all sort of name , telling me how ugly I look and mocking me as well. After that very day I told myself I will do whatever I can to slim down so no one would disrespect my dignity.

So I started ignoring all my junk foods And was very serious with my exercises until I had the perfect result I wantedI was Soo happy happy that I achieved what I wanted but the question is, is that all I wanted or the is more I needed ?

After gaining the perfect body I needed,I decided to show up at a friend's birthday party. Everyone was starring at me, some even didn't recognize me but among my three friends they all did. I was Soo happy with the attention and positive comments I'm getting from every one, until Stella my close friend told me she had always wanted to gain weight like me. She started telling me about how she wanted to look very fat and rock like this 👇Have I made a wrong decision? I started thinking about it . Because I still realized I needed the hips, and the butt to look very perfect. Don't you think I would have asked for more if I have had it all?

I started looking for answers to these questions and I realized the best answers was for me to love myself ,be true to who I am, I shouldn't be moved by what other people say about my body. I should always look fit by exercising and eating healthy foods. And try rocking in any body I achieve.

What do you also think about all thses,do you also think I made a wrong decision?

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