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Trendy jeans ideas to rock like a fashionista

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One fashion trend that have received a lot of backlash by society and religion is trousers. Growing up,we were thought to believe that,the bible says,women shouldn't wear anything that belongs to the man.

A lot of people also came with the excuse that, trousers were not meant for men during the time of that prophecy.According to society,its too revealing and can attract bad eyes for yourself.But then again,people feel how can they trap bad enemies for themselves when the are covered in these jeans properly.The argument that they're making at this time is that it's more practical for women as wives and mothers in if you're wearing a long skirt and you're holding a baby in one arm and you are holding a pitcher of water in the other arm,and you have to go upstairs or downstairs,and you are wearing a long skirt, that's very dangerous.

But if you're wearing the these bloomer outfits,that have pant,you can easily go up and down the stairs,not trip,not kill the baby,not spill the water. They are very adamant that they were not trying to to take something away from men in wearing jeans pant.

What I love about Jean is its versatility. With just one Jean,You can rock it in so many different styles.All you need is a lot of tops to compliment it.Another way to rock your jean is by wearing a short or long sleeve shirt.with this,you can tack it in or out depending on how you want to look.You can tuck in to the office and out for parties.

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