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Ghana's Most handsome: Pictures of male Model generate lots of stir.

Fashion and modeling goes hand in hand. Fashion has over the years seen a lot of twist and turns. The way people used to dress in the olden days are quite different as compared to how it's done today. Most modeling agencies exist to promote a fashion or clothing line. We have seen over the years how models showcase new clothing lines of renowned brands in the clothing industry. There is a guy who is fast gaining a lot of attention. People call him "the rubber guy". They call him that name because of his way of modeling. Whiles others use cotton material to make dresses for thier modeling, he uses rubbers to do so. He always uses multiples of rubbers as his costume. One thing that is quite surprising is his face makeup.

Can we say that he is talented because of his mode of fashion or he is just doing it for fun. Drop you comments below on how you see this male model.

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