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Forget About Peplum Tops; See These Crop Tops Ideas That Can Be Sewn With Just 1 Yard Of A Material

Granting you the opportunity to go through my clothing and wardrobe, you will find several pieces of leftover materials from fabrics I've used to sew outfits already. One day, sitting under a tree and carefully thinking about what I can do with the so many leftover fabrics, I came across these 'Crop Tops' ideas that require just 1 yard of material to be stitched. I quickly started downloading them. I've put together all those 'Crop Tops' and 'maternity Tops' i downloaded on that fateful day below.

It is amazing how a single pair of jeans trousers or knickers can be worn several times without changing but with a Top, you can't. Do you now see why I am telling you to sew those leftover pieces of yours?

Buttoned from the neck, elastic stitched at the base, sleeve length at the elbow with elastic stitched to it, you can trust the crop top above to give you that feminine outward impression. Also, the collar of the blouse below is bluntly cut and tied into a knot form and not the regular button and hole we know.

The ladies Top above is the simplest amongst all these Tops I've selected today. It's just simply cut and seen with no ribbons or buttons. It's just as simple as it is.

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Peplum Tops


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