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These 5 gucci nail designs will make your summer.

We are already in summer meaning it means it is time to plan your summer nails. Not only does summer nails look great but can quickly get you in the right mindset for this warm weather. Whether you plan to quickly go to the salon to try these styles or you plan to do them yourself, feel free to enjoy.

If you are in the market for cute but sophisticated nails, you can try this on.

These butterflies is guaranteed to put you in a good mood everytime you look down.

What do you say about this one too?

Emphasis on classiness!!

Awww, what is more nicer than having pink on. Pink never disappoints, it is never a bad idea.

The great thing about doing your nails is that it does not take long to fix on and they will be done for quite a while especially if you have your own gel at home.

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