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Beauty Over Nourishment: Women Don't Breastfeed Their Children Anymore (Opinion)

It has become very rampant in our world today how young mothers are depriving their children of natural nourishment through breastfeeding.

Our young mothers have adopted the habit of administering artificial dietary products to their children in place of providing them with breastmilk. Their reason for this approach is that they want to maintain the youthfulness of their bodies and not end up with saggy breasts after a few years.

The truth is, breastmilk is an essential factor in child growth, so depriving your child of such essential nutrients may cause more harm than good. Even though there are very rare circumstances of some children voluntarily refusing to breastfeed, it is very essential that every child is given the opportunity to have it.

Are our ladies of today choosing to look more beautiful at the expense of their children's proper nourishment? What are your thoughts on this?

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