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Makeup Skills

Look At What People Noticed In Thee Makeup Photos Of This Lady That Sparked Reactions

The pre and post-makeup photos by the woman have caused a lot of reaction online as one cannot admire the huge change in the woman's face. Even though the makeup artist does a lot of magic on a woman's face, it looks very different because the side effects of makeup are unique that make people react.

Usually, beauty makeup is used solely for enhancing beauty and involves the use of different colors of powders, brushes, and all kinds of beauty tools that come with the makeup box. Many women like to use these objects to beautify themselves, while some women prefer their natural look. Even some guys like their girl with makeup while others don't allow their partner to use it.

What many people react to this particular makeup is a job on the nose. A woman's nose, which previously seemed less sharp, becomes sharp later on, and one has to wonder how skilled a makeup artist is with her craft.

Even though the nose transformation looks like the surgery was done on her, it is not an operation. This is a makeup artist at work.

Apart from her nose getting a lot of reactions, you will find that the makeup artist, like her previous and previous photos of girls, does not do any little work, if you take a closer look at this image. after that it looks like two different people.

Even though the girl's natural face was already beautiful, the makeup artist made her look twice as beautiful as her.

One looks a lot like the average Nigerian woman while the other looks like a black American woman, and this effect can be seen in the pointed nose which then makes people react.

Check out their reactions below.

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