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Ankara Boubou Design For Ramadan.

Hi ladies it's prettyn'stylish here again and today am here with the Ankara Boubou Design For the upcoming Ramadan celebration for our Muslim sisters. The boubou design is originally a classic senegalese robe that was worn by both men and women all over West Africa and it is also a lot ng flowing garment.The Boubou Design is sewn from a single piece of fabric and it is usually fifty-nine inches(150cm) wide and also of varying lengths.The garment has an inner fitting part that holds the shape of the wearer, leaving the ends flowing freely. The garment is mostly sewn with colourful fabric and the fabric chosen should blend with the wearers skin colour to create a nice harmony. The outfit can be spotted with accessories such as chains, earrings, bracelets, watches, clutch purses, hand bags, etc. The outfit is a both formal and informal or casual dress. It can be worn to occasions such as wedding ceremonies, funerals, engagements, picnics, parties etc. The Ankara Boubou design is displayed in the above pictures for you to choose from. Remember to love your style and rock your style. It's always prettyn'stylish.

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Ankara Boubou Ramadan


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