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Checkout some social media reactions about female tattoos. Is it good or bad?

Tattoos are relatively perceived differently among different set of people. Some see it as a normal thing whiles others see it as a taboo. Over the years there has been different understanding and interpretations about tattoos. Well, tattoos are generally marks of identification that are drawn on the part of the body that seems fit for the particular individual who is getting the tattoo. 

However, some decide to put it on their arm, whiles others decide to put it close to where people won’t easily identify it. Thus, some are visible, others are not. Some can decide to draw an abstract thing others can draw their babies or partners. Also, it can have different colors to it. Some decide to paint it red others decide to paint it black. However, some social media users have expressed their views about it which ought to be addressed. 

Some people believe that, tattoos are great. It’s a way of identifying an individual. Especially individuals in the lime light, that’s, celebrities get tattoos to identify with their brand and what they stand for. They also believe that it boost the confidence level of the one who has the tattoos. To them, gospel musicians or any other circular artiste or any individual at all, can decide to get a tattoo and it’s a cool thing. 

Others also believe that, tattoos are not so cool a thing an individual should put on the body. They believe it has health implications and as such individuals who draw on the surface of their skin is susceptible to ailments. Some females can go to the extent of tattooing the whole of their body which to them is not good. As such they do not agree to tattoos. 

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