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VIDEO: Lady Cries Like A Baby When Her Tattoo Were Being Erased

Although having a tattoo on one's body is painful, it appears that having it removed is far more traumatic.. This is because the laser pulses feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin, and the tattoo removal discomfort is equivalent to a horrible sunburn.

A lady has something resembling a bird tattooed on her thighs, as seen in the screenshot below. It's unclear what transpired, but it appears the lady no longer wants it on her thighs. She went to the tattoo shop and was heard screaming like a toddler begging for her mother while her tattoo was being removed.

The equipment resembles a soldering iron used to fuse two metals together, while what come out of the tattoo machine look like a fire. The lady was heard telling the tattooist in typical Twi language, "I'm dead, eeeissh, God. Please take your time with this. This is extremely painful".

However, the individual who was removing it was unconcerned about her pains. If you look closely at her thighs, you'll discover that the machine has caused burns on her flesh. The hair on that portion of the thigh has all been gone, and the tattoo has been cleaned so thoroughly that it looks as if a fire has been used to penetrate the skin.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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