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Its worth 1,500 dollars: lady told fans who questioned her dress price.

Although the nouns dress and fashion are often used interchangeably, scholars usually define them much more precisely. Based on the definition developed by researchers Joanne Eicher and Mary Ellen Roach Higgins, dress should encompass anything individuals do to modify, add to, enclose, or supplement the body. In some respects dress refers to material things or ways of treating material things, whereas fashion is a social phenomenon.

Today many beautiful and nice dresses are found in the market which have even help some businesses to come out with a clothing line.

In a Facebook live a fan asked a lady the cost of her nice dress that is displaying her nice curves. The beautiful lady told the fan that her nice dress cost around one thousand five hundred dollars.

It is quite surprising that a dress like that can cost that much. Even though I doubt the price of the dress, it looks really good on her. Take a look at the dress that the nice lady claim it cost that much.

Leave your comments below if you think this dress can cost that much.

source: Facebook

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