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If You Apply Nail Polish, Take Note, This Is For You.

Painted nails are so cute and fashionable especially if the color used matches your skin tone. As a matter of fact painted nails has become part of fashion and to those who do it it is inevitable.

Nail polish popularly called 'cuuters' in our local dialect has become part of sophisticated women and ordinary women too.

However just like creams having effect on skin tone and appearance due to chemicals, nail polish also contains chemicals and as such have effects as well.

When u apply nail polish and it gets chipped be careful as sediments may fall in your food and may be swallowed.

With chemicals like formaldehyde in nail polish, it can be a carcinogen. This means it is cancerous and should be used with care. No wonder pregnant women are told to desist from it.

When you paint your nails don't wait for it to be chapped. But repaint it to give it a firmer hold. Chapped nails are not attractive.

What do you think needs to be done to ensure we are safe with nail polish as to some of us it is inevitable. 

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This Is For You


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