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The most fashionable plain and Ankara Pattern that will Melt your heart

Hmmmmm, I am back with another list of creative and innovative style oufits in Vogue, are you ready!!!!!!!?


What comes to your mind first when you hear the word fashion?

*So many people would say it is a form of dressing

*and others would say it is something more than just dresseding.

*Fashion to other persons is the prevailing style in vogue.

* Some see it as unique identity to them, take for instance Denrele Edun a Nigeria Television host who dresses the way he feels comfortable in.

*It can also be said that fashion is a look into someone’s personality, it means looking at a person,you can say this person is averagely fashion oriented or you could say this is one full time fashionista of a person

However, Fashion comes in phases based on the trends we follow, it can be outdated anytime since each fashion trend may go away.

For example, we use to have boot cut trouser in vogue, it went away and different styles of pencil trousers were introduced.

In the 90’s also, there was a way people dress but everything became outdated with time.

Well I will show you in this article, another African styles in vogue now:

It is the use of plain materials with Ankara patches or Ankara with plain material patches to create a unique style outfits for all events, occasions and outings.

This has solved so many problems on the part of the the Tailors and the customers..

Using myself as example, before now I use to have so many pieces in my fashion home after sewing for my customers and I have tried on several occasions to return back their materials, they always refuse it saying, it will just litter their Houses.They had nothing to do with it.

But since the discovery and existence of Ankara patched with plain materials design, most of my customers are always asking for their pieces.The piece especially Ankara can be patched with plain materials of any design to give a unique style.

You know what, it is better to experience this designs in pictures.Just keep scrolling.

202122. you have it, Nigerian fashion and style trends of our time,But I won’t leave without giving my final words:

In as much as we love to look good, let us try to be good on the inside too. Slay mamas and aspiring fashionistas, remember confidence is the key.

You can wear the most beautiful clothes and hottest styles, and still, lack confidence or carriage which would make it look like the opposite.

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So, I am off to go shake another table elsewhere.

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