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Check out this unusual face transformation: The world is really evolving

Make-up looks have evolved greatly over the years and day-in-day-out, new make-up trends keep popping up and taking all over the internet. However, what I just discovered on the internet today is not something I have ever come across when it comes to beauty and make-up looks.

Usually when it comes to make-up looks, we see people applying foundations, concealers and the likes to come out with their own unique looks. But, this video displayed a lady who had something like a 'clay mask' on her face and kept on massaging her face only to reveal a look that displayed "puzzle formations".

In the comment section, people wondered how she could pull that off so easily. Some people said it was how she edited the video in the reverse. Could this be true?

Below is a screenshot of her transformation

The lady mentioned how it took her about seven and a half hours to pull that look off. Whilst some Instagram users were confused about how she was able to pull that off, some other people were quick enough to figure it out immediately.

Here are some comments that some Instagram users passed under this post.

However, as seen above, two Instagram users shared their opinion on how they think she achieved this amazing look and I think it makes complete sense because I have come across that reverse trick but not with make-up looks. I think she did amazingly well.

Here is the link to the actual video on Instagram:

or, watch on @tobemelanated

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