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"Make Women Chase" - 3 Ways To Increase Your Sense Of Style And Swag

Style and swag really counts in the game of love. Stealing a woman's frame and heart is the heartbeat of every guy who is an Alpha Male or wants to be an Alpha Male. Women move with guys who are fashionable and cares a lot about their dressing. You can make a cute damsel fall for you easily if you when and where to wear a particular a dress. It is interesting to know that, you can become a good looking guy if you have a little penny on you to go to some "bend down" boutique in Cantamanto or even Ashaiman. Being able to carry along with style and swag doesn't depend on how much you buy you dresses, it depends on how you are able to make such dress look good on you. Below are 3 ways to increase your sense if style and swag. Before you proceed, kindly click on the link below.

1. Wear Fitting Clothes 

Yes, this is a good step if there is money or no money. You can make the best moment of your life with your dream woman if you make good use if the less prize boutique dresses along the road. Make sure the dress really sparkle so as to make you stand out great.

2. Trim Your Hair And Beard

Grooming also counts when you want to attract more women. You have to trim you hair so you can look good. If you want to leave your hair bushy, please let it be well kept. Don't worry if you are a rastafarian because you can also use a hair cap which is blend with the Ghanaian colors.

3. Have A Perfect Match

Having a perfect match to increase your chances of winning a girl has to do with your style and swag. Make sure the color of your be always matches with the color of your shoe or cap. Don't tack in if you're wearing a cross sandals since that is an improper way of dressing. 

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