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Money does not know if you are educated and BBC interviewed me because I dress like a woman-Osebo

Ghanaian fashion guru has said that , fashion is what you buy from shop and style is what you do with it . In an interview with Abeiku Santana, Osebo explained his fashion sense , marketed his fashion products to the world and gave fans a glimpse of his private life .

According to Osebo , people should not not always think about what others would say if not , they would not live their life to the fullest. He further explained that his dressing of kilt , which many regard as dressing like a woman , has rather contributed to his popularity whilst projecting his brand to the international market . He added that, BBC interviewed him because he dresses like a woman and not because he dressed the normal Ghanaian wears. He further indicated that, wearing kilt or also known as skirt, is a dressing style from Scotland .

He further explained that ,to be a fashion person , one needs to be a brave person.

Osebo , on Abeiku's UTV ATUU show, further explained that he is not educated like others but that has not affected him negatively because Money does not know whether some one is educated or not . Osebo showcased to Abeiku Santana some of his shoes and explained that his shoes are the most affordable in the country .

Abeiku acknowledged that Osebo's shoes are of good quality . Abeiku advised that lawyers who dress well to enhance their credibity even win 40 percent of the case with their physical Outlook and impression.

Osebo introduced his favourite organic food to Abeiku Santana . Whilst Abeiku Santana enquired about the reason why Osebo ate in an ancient style , Osebo explained that the yam was grown on the Kantanka farms without the use of artificial stuffs making the products purely organic .

Abeiku advised Osebo to bring together and party with all his children who are of different mothers. Osebo explained that all his children know each other already .

Osebo also explained that there are various principles that he adheres to . For example , he stated that he does not open his shop on Saturdays even if he would get a billion dollar amount from the buyer.

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