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Dress, hairstyle which Gold Coast Women wear in the 1900s

In this article we are going to talk, about how this wonderful women dressed and style their hair.

Those days you will see a Ghanaian African, well dressed, and there was nothing like slay queens.

All this picture were taken, to represent every Akan ethic group, which you see some dressed in Kente cloth.

The rich culture of the Gold coast, wearing of beads and also amazing different hairstyles.

The picture were taken in a form, of black and white know as postcards been sent by the African photographer, showing pictures of Ghanaian women’s dress and hair styles of Gold coast.

The region stretching from Accra up to Ashanti Region, in the early 1900s. Since so many people enjoyed seeing them, today I have brought together, another group of postcards from the same era, this time by other photographers, showing similar fashions. All the pictures are from the old days, kindly. Click on it to zoom the writings on it.

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