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How To Use Candle When Ironing Your Trousers To Make Them Look Brand New

How To Use Candle When Ironing Your Trousers To Make Them Look Brand New

Whenever you buy a dress for an occasion you want to attend, you also plan on making it look good.

It is advisable to wash every dress you buy from the shop before wearing. This is because there are certain scents that can already be smelled in every brand-new dresses.

To change this smell to your preferred kind of smell, it is advisable you wash it immediately you get home.

Afterwards, one very important thing to do is ironing it to kill some bacteria found in the dress and give your outfit a smooth outlook.

Today I am going to introduce readers to something very innovative. 

Did you know you can use a candle to iron your dress and make them look nicer and newer?

Using a candle to iron a black trouser gives it a brighter outlook, and makes the material smoother than using a spray starch.

Whenever you plan on using a spray starch, save your money and get a candle instead.

One may ask how this is done.

First, you rub the candle on the surface of the trouser.

You make sure the traces of the candle can slightly be seen on the material of the trouser.

Afterwards, you pass your iron to do the usual ironing you do for your trouser.

After passing your iron on the trouser, you will realize the candle traces have disappeared, leaving your trouser with a brighter and more attractive look.

When this process is done very well, you will hardly spot the difference between your old trousers and the new ones you just bought.

This process can also be used for black uniforms that have a similar outlook like that of a black trouser.

Rather than wasting money to replace your spray starch when it gets finished, use this simple trick to give your trousers and uniforms a brighter outlook.

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