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5 Effects Of Perming On The Hair Which Every Lady Should Know

Perming is the process of applying chemicals to your hair in order to straighten the hair or relax it. Perm processing usually affects the root of the hair first, since that is where the most pressure is exerted and where the hair is most vulnerable. Over time any damage to the root or shaft of the hair eventually makes it way down to the ends as your hair grows out. This process relaxes the hair, makes it beautiful and its easier to style. However, this way of treating the hair can have negative effects on the hair and even your health.According to the board of barbering and cosmetology, exposure to the chemicals found in some perming creams can cause headaches, nausea, itching and even burning. And if this is prolonged, it can lead to more severe side effects. This article will show you some negative effects of perming on your hair.

1. Burns On Your Scalp And Ears.

There are a lot of complex chemicals involved in perming, this includes a particular acid called the Ammonium thioglycolate. Just like any other Ammonium, this chemical is harsh especially on delicate skins, and so if the relaxer is improperly diluted, or left too long, this hair treatment can lead to chemical burns on your scalp and the top of your ears.

2.Balding Patches.If the use of perming creams is prolonged, depending on how many perms you've had and how long the treatment takes, you may start to experience patchiness, especially along your hair line and parts. This usually happens when you've permed your hair for a long time and the hair is not growing anymore to replace the breakage and thining from the chemicals.

3.Your Hair Can Be Weakened.Scientifically, permed hair is especially weakened because the S_S protein bonds of the hair are reformed when exposed to perm chemicals .This makes the hair exposed to hair breakages, more splits ends and less moisture for your hair eventually your hair becomes very weak and breaks down completely.

4.Snapping Strands.

When you get a perm, your hair is usually treated with lots of heat and chemicals. This combination can leach the natural moisture right out of your hair and leave it brittled. You may even find out days after a perm that if you run a hand or a comb through your hair, large sections simply breaks off right, that is what we call the snapping of strands.

5. Scalp Infection.

The process of perming your hair can leave the follicles in your scalp open and vulnerable. This means that after a perm, you're particularly opened to infection which can lead to Folliculitis. Follicullitis is a painful and itchy infection of the scalp that resembles pimples and can spread and become more dangerous.

The use of perm creams could be dangerous to your hair and has alot of side effects, and that is why it is advisable to leave your hair natural or use hair products which suits your hair type and can relax your hair with no side effects.

If you enjoyed this article please do well to like and share to educate a friend on this particular topic. Interact with me at the comment section by leaving a word and you can also follow me for more intresting and educative stories and updates. Hair Growth and vitality is important as it keeps you glowing everyday, however you should be mindful of the kind of creams and chemicals you apply to your hair.

Continue to stay safe and thanks for reading.

By Sweetina.

Content created and supplied by: Sweetina (via Opera News )

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