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Remember the 8-Year-Old Boy that Was Rejected by Many Schools Because of his Hair? See his Photos

Modelling is a career that typically starts early but one young Londoner is getting a head start thanks to his most distinctive feature. Farouk James has something every girl is dreaming about – long, luscious hair. The boy’s impressive mane has become his trademark and helped him to get into the modeling world.

He was born to a Ghanaian father and Mother Bonnie in London.While his hair has been a blessing to him after he was signed at the age of six months, he was recently in the news after it emerged that his mother, Bonnie Miller, was denied admittance for her son by two UK schools because of his long natural hair. 

As his hair grew longer and longer, Bonnie was pressured to get Farouk a haircut as the only way to him on the scene, but she never gave up, and in a few years Farouk's hair became sought-after in the industry.

With his impressive hairstyle, Farouk James wants to send a message to other children that they should accept themselves for who they are. Farouk James wouldn’t cut his hair off for anything in the world. For him, it’s part of his identity! His mother, Bonnie, is very proud of her child and encourages him to be himself.

The boy is now famous on Instagram since his account already has more than 239,000 followers, and he’s even become well known in the fashion world. His mother encourages him to keep his lovely hair, that he has let grow out since birth. He became a little star and the young boy now uses the internet to share his message of self-acceptance.

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