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New pictures of Quenxxyluv, the silent model pops up again

Call her Quenxxyluv or yet still, the silent model because seeing her talk or voice out their ideas via the keyboard is very rare on the social media.

Normally, we do see models voice out their opinions each and every day but this beautiful damsel over here is known to tread on a different path and I think it makes her distinct from all other models we have seen quite recently on the social media.

Hardly do you see her get interactive. This is who she is.

All she does is to come and post her pictures online and leave silently. You don't see her talk about things which are not related to her pictures and even with the many engagements she gets on her pictures, you don't see her in the comment section giving replies. This is how cool and silent she is.

All she does is to retweet some of the comments she finds cool and then in the next moment, you'd realize she left.

Looking at her skin, one can really assume or even have the thought that perfection exists in this little world of ours. Like I always do say, some girls are blessed with a nice face, some are blessed with a nice and curvy backside and with others, theirs is the front side. It has been created peculiar and nice.

What if I told you that like the Avatar, this beautiful lady over here is the master of all these elements? She has it all in every aspect you want to take her to. The face, the body, the curves, front and backsides, she is a beauty. Talk about beauty, she would have been a perfect picture if beauty had a graphical representation.

Like I said, she rarely posts her pictures online. She drops them once in a blue moon. These are the current pictures she dropped on her timeline these few weeks.

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