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Advertising Marketing

Beautiful model put curves on display and it is causing stir.

Modelling has help a lot of ladies to discover thier talent and make money from it as well. Most companies use models to promote thier products. This is prevalent in the clothing industry.

One model posted a picture on her Instagram page that took social media by storm. Her picture was beautiful as it was displaying her huge curves. This proves she is indeed curvy and very beautiful.

Check out the picture the model posted that was showing her beautiful curvy nature.

The model’s role in commodification and branding is multi-faceted. Most obviously, models lend their image to sell products, incorporating their likeness into the image of a brand. This is an evident feature of the work, and in this respect the modeling industry fuels the desire central to modern consumption in two ways: as an industry it provides the labor force for many clients big business, fashion houses, advertising agencies, selling goods; it also is centrally important in the experience of being a consumer by framing consumer experiences and encounters with commodities. In other words, models and model agencies are intermediaries between production and consumption, since our encounters with commodities are heavily mediated by the way they are sold to us through the selection, styling and dissemination of images populated by models.

Models also, however, engage in subtle forms of commodifying themselves, to create an image that will sell on the model market. In so doing, they work to appear as if they live ‘the life’ they portray.

Photo credit: instagram

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