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Skin Care

Another Way To Apply Sunscreen Spray To Protect Your Skin and Avoid Burns So That It Can Attract

Safety Precautions

1. Reapply your sunscreen once every 2 hours. Keep track of how much time you spend outside. If you’re hanging outside for at least 2 hours, grab your sunscreen spray and reapply it throughout the day so your skin stays protected.

Unfortunately, a higher SPF rating won’t give your skin any extra protection.

2. Opt for lotion or stick sunscreen if it’s windy outside. Windy weather and spray sunscreen don’t mix well—just 1 bad gust of wind can leave you with a mouthful of chemicals. Instead, stay protected with a solid- or lotion-style sunscreen.

3. Avoid using sunscreen spray if you’ll be near an open fire. Believe it or not, sunscreen spray is made with alcohol, which stays on your skin. However, alcohol and fire don't mix, so skip the spray if you'll be near a bonfire or some other type of open flame. Stay safe by using lotion or a sunblock stick for the day!

Any kind of open flame is bad news when it comes to spray sunscreen. Cigarettes, grills, and candles are all possible offenders.[13]

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