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"We All Know I have a Flat Chest, Abuse Me With Something" Lady Challenges her Haters

Body shamming has become a form of cyber bulling and if you are a popular person on social media you have been body shamed once or severally. 

Abusing someone because of their appearance is humiliating, but they're probably not a good ideal to mock and make them feel less of a human being. Actually, nobody is perfect. Humans, particularly people, have a hard time figuring out what their haters is body Shaming her because of her small breast.

 Her haters mock her because of her dark skin and wants her to bleach her her skin. However, those who visited Rue's page in the hopes of becoming fans of her body shammed her for having small boobs, they were surprised to see a robust black skinny woman.

Because Rue Baby is a professional model, anyone who believes she's not up to par is their own problem. However, Rue was disappointed by some of the negative feedback she received on her swimsuit posts. Her response to the trolls on Instagram was to limit their access to her page entirely. Those were the words she had to share.

Do you agree with her trollers she's too skinny and have no boobs. She challenges her fans to troll and shame her with something new because she knows she has small boobs and she's dark skinned she had to restrict her account. What do you think please share your opinion.

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