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The Four Most Sensitive Parts in Women's Body

Everybody has their own weak point in the body, but many people overlook several of them. Some parts of the woman's body could be unaware of some very vulnerable body parts of women. However, today I am going to take you together on an adventure that will reveal all the secret to you in just one article.

The Ear

The ear might seem less sensitive, but if someone tries to touch yours, you will see how you react, especially if it is the eardrum. If something goes into your ear, trust me, you will do anything and everything to get it out.

The Neck

Many people believe that the neck is not a sensitive part, but it is. As the neck is where every nerve goes to connect with the head. If by any chance someone plays badly with your throat, you are in pain.

The knee

Do not let anyone try to play with this part of the body because this part is very sensitive because if someone else touches it, you will not be able to bear the sensitivity.

The Elbow

This part of the body is very sensitive as well, you will discover that whenever you touch a woman on the elbow, she feels it quickly as if you touched her in other sensitive parts.

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