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Skin Care

Home remedies for skin rashes.

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Read these to know about home remedies for skin rashes.

Changes in the color, feel, or texture of your skin are all symptoms of rashes. Other names for skin rashes include skin redness or inflammation; Skin lesion; Rubor; Erythema.

The appearance and symptoms of a rash may also be used to assess the cause. Skin examinations, such as a biopsy, may also be used to aid in the diagnosis process. Occasionally, the cause of the rash is unclear.

Dermatitis, which means inflammation of the skin, is a common rash. Contact dermatitis is caused by objects that come into contact with your skin, such as:

Dyes and other chemicals in clothing.

Poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Chemicals in elastic, latex or rubber products.

Cosmetics, soaps and detergents.

Certain body-wide (systemic) viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

The majority of simple rashes will improve with gentle skin care and the avoidance of irritants. Here are some of the home remedies to try:

Leave the affected areas exposed to air as much as possible.

Stop applying cosmetic lotions and ointments directly on the rash.

Use warm, not hot water for cleaning. Pat dry and don't rub.

Stop scrubbing your skin.

Try or use calamine medicated lotion for poison ivy, oak or sumac, as well as for other types of contact dermatitis.

Use little soap as possible. Use gentle cleanser instead.

Stop using any recently added cosmetics or lotions.

You have to see your doctor if you're out of breath, have a sore throat, or have a swollen face.

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