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Two plus sized models who were disconcerted for things they did in Ghana

When companies and brands produce their items, they usually rely on promotions in order to push what they have produced to a lot of people. The easiest way out for them in this quest is to go in for models. Some models are blessed with huge and attractive bodies and so they are able to attract more than enough market for brands they work with. Some models also use their bodies and the influence they have to promote societal positivity. The sad part of all these is that they are sometimes misconcepted for things they do out of generosity or things they do without bad intentions. In this article, I will be sharing my opinions on 2 incidents that transpired in Ghana and the way people reacted to them.

1. The Hajia Bintu Biscuit Advert.

Hajia Bintu is a young Ghanaian model, brand promotor and social media influencer who is believed to be in her twenties. She is noted for flaunting her big backside in photos and short clips that she posts on Tiktok and Instagram. She has done a lot of promotions for some top brands and companies in Ghana. In a recent promotion she did for Mcberry biscuits, she is seen advertising for one of their products. The video went viral and several people have given their comments on it. Most social media user are saying the content is too suggestive for an ad that is not only meant for adults, but children also. It can be said without any doubt that Hajia could have rejected the offer however, the determination of the type of content, plot and setting of an advert is the responsibility of the director hence it will be unfair to completely blame her.

2 . Zeebee_g`s Visit To Ghana.

Zeebee_g is a black model who is based in the United States. In 2019, she visited Ghana for some days. During her stay, she toured some parts of the country and as a way of showing how much she loves the African continent, she visited some market places in the capital city and took pictures with some of the market women and some of the products they sell. Some of these pictures went viral and were touted as "Famous slay queen spotted selling salted fish in the market". These are just a few instances where I think the rationale behind what celebrities do have been misconcepted.

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Ghanaian Hajia Bintu Mcberry


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