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Beautiful Cardi B displays her new set of nails

In need of long nails inspiration, you can always turn to Cardi B. Cardi B's nails have become very popular with so many designs to choose from. Never forget that the upkeep of your nails is as important as picking a Boujee outfit to go out in. You need to take pride in how you look.

You never go wrong with pink. It goes with every skin color.

Try on different shades of pink

Try on red if you are confused with what color you want to go with. Add some rhinestones if you are not sure what design you want

Ouuuuuuuuu, green. If you are not sure what shape you want, you can try stiletto. Stiletto comes to a distinct point at the top and can poke the eye if needed.

Why not gold color? Just why not gold color?

Coffin nails are essentially stiletto but with a square and flat tip instead of pointing edge.

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Cardi B Stiletto


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