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Meet The Beautiful Lady With 5ft-Long Hair People Find Hard To Believe - See Pictures.

Rapunzel's real hair is longer than she is tall, and she claims that people can't believe her incredible mane is real.

Malgorzata, 34, from London, began braiding her hair at the age of seven and hasn't had a haircut in over five years.

Her hair, which was originally a natural blonde, has taken on a red tint thanks to a homemade serum she made from a combination of oils and applied half an hour before showering.

Malgorzata Kulczyk enjoys letting her hair down... and down, all 5ft 2in of it when she wants to unwind.

'Men can't believe it's real,' she said of her trailing tresses, adding, 'Men can't believe it's real.' It is said to be lovely, impressive, and feminine. Because of it, some people fall in love with me!'

However, not everyone is enamoured. 'People can be jealous,' Malgorzata claimed. 'There was a time when a coworker kept telling me that my hair was too long and that I needed to cut it.' 'It must be painful for you,' she said, implying that you spent a lot of time on it. But, after a while, she completely changed her mind and has even begun to grow her hair out.

'Look after your body by eating well, staying hydrated, exercising, and avoiding stress.' My hair has a minor impact on my life. My natural brightener is the sun. I wash my hair three times a week and alternate between ponytails, braids, and buns each day. I only use natural products, and my favourite is anything containing coconut oil.' She said.

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London Malgorzata Kulczyk


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