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Throwback: Makeup can be really deceitful. See what the groom saw after marriage

Many women around the world enjoy applying cosmetics to their faces. The concept of makeup is fantastic, but the dilemma arises when women can't stop applying it to their faces.

Some women have become so reliant on makeup that leaving the house without applying it makes them feel like an asphyxiating man in desperate need of oxygen. 

Makeup is intended to enhance women's appearances, but some women "abuse" the use of these cosmetics. This article is about a time when a woman's makeup completely transformed her to the point that it was impossible to recognize her.

Allow me to transport you to a time when a man filed for divorce the day after marrying his lovely bride. The day they slept, he saw his bride as a very attractive and charming lady.

The alarm went off, the rooster screamed, and they had to slowly wake up and smile at the rising sun. There was a woman beside him, much to his surprise. 

What went wrong? How did she gain access to the room? I'm sure these were some of the emotions that were going through his mind. Probably, she was the woman he married; the only difference was that she wasn't wearing any makeup at the time.

The makeup had been washed off her face by the bed sheets, and now it was time to face reality. When the man saw the face of his newly married wife, he knew he had been duped and decided to end the union.

I'm sure some of you are skeptical of this true story. Here's a snapshot of the pair for the "Doubting Thomases." 

Looking at the photo, I'm struck by how uniform her appearance is from her face to her chest. She most likely used lipstick on her chest as well. 

What would you have done if you were the man, guys reading this strange news?

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