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See Photos of Chimpanzee without hair trending on Social Media

See Photos of Chimpanzee without hair trending on Social Media

Though this is not the first I have seen a Chimpanzee without hair. In India, there is one called Guru which the Doctor Krumar said was suffering from Alopecia. Guru was at Mysore Zoo, and had lost practically all of his body-hair. After treatments, Guru was unable to recover its hair back. It was a frustrating experience for the Chimp.

The same scenario is akin to this chimpanzee whose Alopecia (Hair Lose) could be as a result stress or Trauma. Because Dr Krumar also said that Stress and Trauma induces Alopecia. It is obvious, Alopecia is a rare skin issue that result to loss of hair. It happens to humans and animals too. Therefore, when Alopecia arteta starts creeping in, one would definitely lose hair. 

The photo of this Chimpanzee has been trending for two days now and people laughing or sympathising with chimpanzee.

Apart from the Alopecia the chimpanzee is suffering, it looks quiet like a human, powerfully built with a lot of strong muscles. No wonder it is naturally and physically stronger than a man.

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