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How well do you know this lady.

Maeyasunsun is the transgender model in the photo you see above. For those who do not really know who a transgender is, this is a person who has a gender identity or expression that differs from their sex assigned at birth, so for short, she was a he and she doesn't care!

You've probably seen funny videos or pictures of Maeya on the internet and you're like "omggg who's this? Why?", Well, she has a rare genetic disease condition that causes sparse scalp, body hair, and missing teeth. Just like most 'special' or 'less privileged' models, she does not allow her condition to define who she is. She clearly loves and accepts herself the way she is.

In 2018, Maeya entered a pageantry in Thailand called the Miss Tiffany's Universe. She decided that despite the beauty standard required to be recognized in the competition, she would still use her appearance to win the contest, although she could not make it to the finals, the people loved her and her confidence.

Criticisms of the judges against her skin and looks did not move her, maybe it did, to do better and to look better and that's exactly what she is doing. As of now, she has a YouTube channel in the name Maeyasunsun where she does makeup tutorials and transformations, she has over 60 thousand subscribers who love every inch of her work.

On her Instagram page, she has more than 130 thousand followers who are inspired by her confidence and beauty, her posts often receive positive comments describing how beautiful and gorgeous she is. She has celebrity followers as well.

Her makeup skills are exceptional, if you're doubting me, she did this Beyonce inspired look and I'm speechless too.

There's a saying that it is only when you love yourself that people will love you. If these stunning photos of Maeya do not inspire you, I don't know what will. Check out these photos and tell me you don't see confidence, beauty, self-love.

It's just a matter of time until she becomes one of the most recognized beauty gurus like Jeffree Starz, Bretman Rock, Kim Kardashian, Nikita Dragun, why could this be easy? The makeup and beauty industry is now dominated by transgender men and she's one of them. 

It is very encouraging to see young Asians like Maeya love themselves and avoid cyberbullying because most Asians get triggered over cyberbullying and end up committing suicide at the least provocation. Although she has positive comments on her own Instagram page, those who do not really know her or comprehend her disease condition leave hate comments under her videos and photos on other social media platforms.

Last year she posted a picture of Miss Thailand on her Instagram page, could this be a sign that he could sign up subsequently? She cannot do that without all the encouragement and support she will need.  

Love yourself, those who avoid you now will stalk you later. People's opinions do not define you.

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Maeya Maeyasunsun Miss Tiffany 's Universe Thailand


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