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Check Out Photo: A Scantily Dressed Slayqueen At A Popular Club Along 'Mombasa' Road Causes Stir

Our young ladies of this century has found themselves in a business known as "slayqueen business", this is done by making money with their natural curves and shapes.

This has led many ladies not to concentrate on their education because it is noted by them to be the fastest method of making money as young lady.A slayqueen causes confusion on the social media platforms after her outfit used to attend a club goes viral.

The internet has erupted after a scantily dressed slayqueen was capturedon camera exposing some of her body parts to revelers at Golden Ice Bistro club along Mombasa Road.

It could be seen in the photo above that, this beautiful slayqueen was in a blue outfit which was filled with allowances and due to that, her vital parts where being displayed in public.

Many people reacted about the photos by blaming her for not showing good dressing manners.

Some reactors also agreed with her appearance by saying it's not bad to go out with such outfit as a young lady.

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