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Some Ghanaian Textiles and their Names

As Ghanaians,there are many ways we display our culture and one of those ways is through our dressing.Our local cloths are either printed or woven and most of these fabrics have names of their own.Below are some Ghanaian fabrics with their local names and meanings.

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1. Sika Wo Ataban/Sika Tu Te s3 Anomaa

Its translation in English is Money has wings or money flies like a bird. Money indeed flies where it wants to go,it will flee from you if you don't handle it with care.

2. Akyekyede3 Akyi

'The back of a tortoise' in English is the name of this fabric. Looking at how hard the shell of a tortoise is,the meaning of the name of this fabric is resilience and protection.

3. Ak)mf3m

'Ak)mf3m' stands for Guinea Fowl as clearly displayed in the pattern on the fabric. This bird is a fantastic delicacy in Ghana although it's meat is so lean when cooked.

4. Nsubra

An Akan word for a well. The pattern on the cloth resembles the ripples made in a well after water is fetched from it or when a stone is dropped into it. It comes in different colors and patterns rendering it very versatile.

5. S3 Wob3ka Me Ho Asem a Fa Akonya Tinaso

The stool is the symbol of dominance on this fabric and its name in English is, 'if you want to talk about me, take a stool and sit down.’ African proverbs may sound funny,however they have deeper meanings. It's name simply implies that If you want to talk about someone, don’t just stand around talking. Its better for you to sit down and take your time and say what you have to say.

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