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Ex Illuminati member has explained how they manufactured lipsticks, Hair creams and Powder under sea

Brother Oscar, a former Illuminati member of the highest rank but now in Christ has thrown more light on the evil activities of those in the dark society.

He narrated that after his wedding to the queen of the coast in the sea world, he was the king in that water city where water mermaids were under his service.

After he had shared how they used condoms and pills to kill semen to destroy the Plan of God, he went on to throw more light on other products.

Lipsticks: The man stated that on a certain day, they visited all plants and manufacturing industries under the sea. He realized when they entered the first industry, he saw a human heart that was pounded and then dried in fire. It was then mixed with the fat of pork and women placenta in order to produce lipstick.

He continued ‘whenever women apply this lipstick, I could see that their lips became swollen and that, spiritual insects and mosquitos that were demons, were attracted and they began to lick their lips.'

He continued "whenever a Christian lady applies this lipstick and prays, her mouth in the realms of the spirit would become smelly and there will be such a great stench."

He explained that the angel would not come closer when women colour their lips with a lipstick because their lips would become swollen and bigger; and whenever anyone prays with lipstick on the lip, there is a great stench.

Powder: He narrated how when they got to another company in the marine world, he saw a lot of human bones. He continued ‘in fact, we were going to mortuaries on earth to get human bones which we in-turn took to the sea world.’

He narrated that in that precise company, he saw how they designed baby powder and face powder with human bones that were grounded to dust. Thanks to ignorance, people applied these powders to children because we are blind and we lack discernment.

Hair Lotion: They also went to another company where he saw how mermaids were mixing a lot of things in order to come up with hair lotion.

In his words, he said ‘I saw a Nigerian corporate leader who managed a plant in Nigeria that was into hair related products and accessories. There was a pipe or canal going from the marine kingdom rising to the surface of the earth to this company in Nigeria.'

He continued "all the people working there in that company were witches. He continued ‘many women claim they wanted to make their skin light yet the skin they have came from God. It seems they want to correct God to the point that God's children are even bleaching."

He added how even though they would often go to church but have backslided in the spirit because there are demons in those products that they use. Thus, their spiritual life is paralyzed.

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