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Skin Care

Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally And Permanently. Home Made Remedy 100% Effective.

Healthy lips have a rosy or pinkish hue. The skin on our lips is incredibly thin and has only three to six layers of cells, whereas the rest of the body has 16 layers. Because of this, we are able to see the capillaries or blood vessels beneath, which display red and pink tones.

Red and pink are the colors of love. Pink lips are very attractive and people go purchasing all kinds of products to get shades of pink lips. But did you know there is an easy, natural and effective way to achieve or maintain pink lips? Here is a very simple way to maintain or get a soft and pink lips naturally.

Ingredients needed: vaseline, lime or lemon and coconut oil.

Add considerable amounts of the ingredients in a small container and stir continuously until a uniform mixture is obtained. Your pink lip remedy is now ready for use.

How To Use:

1- Apply the mixture to the lips and leave 14 minutes

2- After 14 minutes clean by normal water

3- Apply the mixture everyday

4- Apply 5 to 6 weeks for good result.

Store in a refrigerator after use.

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