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Skin Care

Natural Remedy For Pimple And Acne

Do you have pimples or acne all over your face? If yes try this simple DIY natural remedy with no side effects. This remedy can be found without stress in our environment.

Get an aloe plant,you can decide to squeeze the juice into a spray bottle or apply it directly on your face in the evening before going to bed do not wash it away if you can endure the itching but if you can't wash it with lukewarm water after 30mins

Then wash your face thoroughly with lime juice in the morning let it be on for about an hour before washing it away repeat this for about two weeks and all pimples,acne and dart spot will vanish from your face and your true beauty will be revealed.Remember it has no side effects and it is very reliable and safe to use.Aloe vera juice can also clear scars on the body if it is constantly used.

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